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Judd McCoy

A successful career in the military and a second in education hampered Judd’s ability to speak candidly about controversial topics. Vowing never to keep silent again, he finds great joy expressing his thoughts and ideas through fiction writing, public speaking, and other forms of multi media. An ardent defender of the First Amendment, he attempts to explore and communicate concepts in a broad creative manner that heightens the senses of the consumer.     

     The evening provided a familiar gentle breeze that Hugo Saucedo and best friend JD Graham have enjoyed many times prior at the Wild Boar Ranch. They couldn’t have imagined on a day that started out like any other would be the catalyst for a revolution and that the two friends would be its galvanizing symbols that energized a multitude of like-minded people.     

     It began when an idyllic, rural community hugging the Rio Grande erupted into chaos as America lost control of its southern border. Politicians located thousands of miles north placed no value on those who were enduring the erosion of their southern townships. Yet, its citizens felt they hadn’t the means, nor the courage to enact real change.

And then it happened. A family and their friend never expected the tragedy that would cause their lives to change forever. A murder at the hands of “suspected” cartel members forced Hugo and JD to take a stand. They quickly learned the real enemy wasn’t from the south, but corrupt members of federal agencies protecting their empires and reputations. Hugo and JD’s two-person clandestine fight sparked a movement of thousands who were willing to pick up arms and take a stand against tyranny. Like the Founding Fathers who preceded them, they were willing to lose everything to regain the land of the free and the home of the brave.   

Press Release

Author Judd McCoy intertwines facts in his fiction thriller: Vengeance at the Border, set in Eagle Pass, Texas. 

Spring Branch, TX, Sep 2023 (PR Newswire) - Judd McCoy unveils the plight of border town citizens coping with the influx of mass migration within the confines of their once peaceful community. The story is based on two fictional characters faced with tragedy and left in utter despair. Feeling disenfranchised by politicians living thousands of miles away tasked with protecting its citizens, they take matters into their own hands; a decision that will change the trajectory of their lives forever.

Judd McCoy highlights the forgotten citizens living in border towns from Brownsville, Texas to the Pacific Ocean. Like pawns in a game of chess, politicians in our nation's capital create border policies impacting millions of citizens across the southern states. Feeling helpless, many feel they have no recourse when detrimental policies are inacted that negatively impact their hometown.

But, imagine if a single spark lit a fuse and ignited a movement. What if two men confronted with tragedy decided to fight back. Hugo Saucedo and JD Graham, while attempting to right a wrong, unintentionally start a chain of events that brings America to the brink of a Revolution.

About the Author

Judd McCoy is an activist that uses fiction writing to highlight corruption, ineptness, and abuse within the hallowed institutions that comprise our federal government. He once commented, My fictional characters are able to accomplish many feats that I'm simply too scared to attempt. In his new book, Vengeance at the Border, he creates an environment that forces two law-abiding citizens to become vigalantes, and take actions they never believed possible.  

Q&A/Tip Sheet

  • Why have you focused on fiction writing as a means to highlight corruption and abuse within the federal government?

  • How did you come up with the idea for Vengeance at the Border?

  • Why did you select Eagle Pass and the sorrounding area as the setting for your novel?

  • What was it that captured your attention when you visited the border?

  • Is there a common theme that readers will detect throughout your novels?

  • What do you believe to be the root cause for corruption, incompetence, and abuse throughout the federal government?

  • In the first chapter of the book, the two main characters are frustrated at their inability to create change within their community. Why do you consider this such an integral part of the story?

  • What can the average American citizen do to enact change?

Sell Sheet:

Title: Vengeance at the Border

Author: Judd McCoy

Genre: Fiction action thriller


Publication date:


Formats available: ebook (print version available soon)

Available on: Amazon

Author photo

Vengeance at the Border
Chapter Five

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